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Noodle Fritters

This is almost too easy to write about but I actually found myself looking up a recipe because I wasn’t sure if I had imagined that they existed. Noodle fritters are like matzoh brie — but with noodles instead of … Continue reading

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Cream of Whatever Soup (No Lactose)

We are having an unusually cold summer. I always buy more celery than I can use — or maybe they sell celery in clumps that are too large. The older (feline) cooking assistant started stabbing me in the leg for … Continue reading

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Mini Vegan Cherry Tarts (Take Deux)

I had some complaints (comments?) from people who tasted my cherry tarts last time because I failed to elaborate on the crust. That was because I wasn’t happy with the crust. Although in awe of the baker whose blog I … Continue reading

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Mini Cherry Tarts (Vegan)

The farmer’s market had this mournful sign, “Last cherries of the season.” How sad. And so soon. The last cherries in my fridge were looking sad too, so I thought I’d make them into tiny tarts. I’d never used a … Continue reading

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Tomato Story: Purple Carrot Barley Soup

I swear that I read somewhere (the New York Times? It’s the only thing I read besides the New Yorker and TV Guide) that carrots used to be purple when they were first discovered and that orange was the novelty … Continue reading

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Strawberry Peach Shortcake with Lactose-Free Yogurt and Bisquick

The title says it all. I wanted to use up a container of Green Valley vanilla lactose-free yogurt because I don’t actually like the taste of that flavor. Plus, I had more strawberries than I could eat and an overripe … Continue reading

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Tuna Tetrazzini Senza Lactose

According to the notoriously unreliable Wikipedia, Tetrazzini was created for an opera star, possibly by the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. It also contained almonds at one point which it normally doesn’t now. I’m going to vote for the Palace … Continue reading

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