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When Only Bread Baked by a Cranky Frenchman Will Do

We are spoiled rotten when it comes to bread around here. I can afford to refuse to eat anyone’s baguette but the Cheeseboard’s (all crust!), insist on Acme’s whole wheat loaf for sandwiches (s0 sweet, so dense), and prefer Semifreddi’s … Continue reading

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Query Letters and Toasted Cheese

Are you detecting a theme here? If I’m writing (or shilling my writing, in this case), I’m not cooking much. Tonight it was Progressive Manhattan Clam Chowder and what the British call “toasted cheese.” I remembered from my post on … Continue reading

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Nut Bread with Banana and Orange

A friend’s husband believes that banana bread is traditional for Thanksgiving. And who is to say it’s not where he comes from? Continuing my quest to bake more healthy things, here is an orange banana nut bread that owes more … Continue reading

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Marble Banana Bread (Dairy-free)

As usual, I bought more bananas than I could eat in time.  Sometimes, I will peel them and break them into manageable chunks and freeze them for smoothies. This time, I had just made an only partially successful marble cake … Continue reading

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The (C)Hannukah Loaf

I know food bloggers are supposed to be full of holiday cheer and “I can use my glue gun to create the town of Bethlehem and put it under the tree with trains in 5 minutes flat” but I’m just … Continue reading

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Only Suckers Buy Croutons

Croutons are what stale bread does when it retires. Nobody should ever pay good money for a bag full of stale bread that has been lightly dressed and toasted. Seriously. Plus, homemade croutons are delicious. Sometimes mine don’t even survive … Continue reading

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The Tao of Banana Bread

What is it about banana bread? It’s a banal comfort food but it continues to be a popular choice at places like Starbuck’s, beating out more exciting confections such as cupcakes and mini vanilla scones. Is it because we think … Continue reading

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Growing Up in the Gourmet Ghetto

Before Chez Panisse, when I was a little girl, there were places in our North Berkeley neighborhood such as Lenny the Butcher (see my last post), Pig-by-the-Tail Charcuterie, which sold the most amazing cookies (in addition to the French-style cold … Continue reading

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The World’s Best Vegan Grilled Cheese

OK — so everything fried is delicious, I know that. My friend Jackie says she would eat her own arm if it was deep-fried. (She’s an excellent cook. I would eat her arm too if she deep-fried it!) Nevertheless, I … Continue reading

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Brown Sugar Walnut Banana Quick Muffins

“Quick” breads and muffins show up all over the place because they are so easy to make and easy to manipulate. By manipulate, I mean you can make them virtually fat-free by the cunning addition of more pureed fruit and … Continue reading

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