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Making a Hash of It

I honestly can’t figure out how the expression “making a hash” of something, which has a negative connotation and means to mess things up, is related to that delicious solution to leftover meat (or almost any protein) — the culinary … Continue reading

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Quince: The Original Fruit

I love to make jam (and have recently discovered the joys of jelly) but I’m loathe to blog about it because if you do it wrong, you can give someone the gift of botchulism. If you are new to preserving, … Continue reading

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Nephew Muffins

What do you do with a nephew who is allergic to nuts suddenly in his teenaged years? You can’t return them for cash at that point — the warranty has expired. I have tried adding millet before to muffins when … Continue reading

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Holla for Challah French Toast

Every wonder why French toast tastes so good in restaurants? The secret is the dense egg bread that they invariably use as a base. Brioche is the fanciest (and the sweetest) bread to use but its hard to cut evenly … Continue reading

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Not Your Bubbie’s Matzo Brei

Or more correctly I should say this is not my grandmother’s matzo brei. My grandmother was an extraordinarily versatile woman who by the time she left this earth at almost 100 years old, had been a pretty good painter in … Continue reading

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Stuck on the Second Act and “Cheesy” Cream of Wheat

Lately, I have been exploring other peoples’ blogs and getting more readers. (Thanks new readers!) One of them reminded me that the title of my blog is all about procrastination. Procrastination is something I do every day, so I thought … Continue reading

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Real bagels in Berkeley?

Ah, New York in the ’80s. Crack vials everywhere, dog shit glazing the sidewalks, signs on car windshields: “Door open. Please don’t break window.” And bagels, real chewy, hard-crusted New York bagels that ripped your dental work out. I guess … Continue reading

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