Holla for Challah French Toast

leftoverchallahEvery wonder why French toast tastes so good in restaurants? The secret is the dense egg bread that they invariably use as a base. Brioche is the fanciest (and the sweetest) bread to use but its hard to cut evenly which is why my candidate for best bread to make into French toast is…challah! That’s right, Friday night’s traditional braided bread is Saturday and Sunday’s dreamy breakfast fodder. Or only Sundays if you are serious about this stuff and not allowed to use the stove on Saturdays.

Challah French Toast


2 eggs
1/4 cup milk (lactose-free, almond, or coconut — all equally good in this)
1 tablespoon cinnamon
4 good-sized slices of challah or other egg bread
2 tablespoons Earth Balance
Pinch of sea salt

fryingchallahfrenchtoastHeat the Earth Balance in a skillet that is big enough for two pieces of toast to fry side-by-side. While you are waiting for the grease to stop foaming, beat the eggs, salt, cinnamon, and milk together in a bowl that is wide enough to submerge your bread in. Dunk one slice at a time, flipping over and ensuring the bread is really soaked.

Drop two soaked slices of bread into the pan before the Earth Balance burns. Brown, flip, and repeat. As I’ve said before, it’s OK to cheat and peek to see if the French toast is ready before turning over. French toast is whole lot more forgiving than pancakes that way.

challahfrenchtoastinpanWhile the French toast is frying, you can contemplate why it’s so different to write dialogue to be read, versus writing it for people to actually say. Reading your screenplay aloud to yourself can help, but the only true way to tell if the writing is working is to get other people — preferably actors — to read it to each other. Words you might repeat for a reader (or because you like the way they sound) must be omitted for the audience lest the action flag. The texture of a scene comes through in a way it won’t any other way. Apparently, I’m going to be spending more time in LA.

Serve that French toast with grade B maple syrup — from Vermont if you can find it.



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I'm a writer who is always baking! Or a baker who is always writing...No. Other way around.
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10 Responses to Holla for Challah French Toast

  1. Janet Rörschåch says:

    Challah looks perfect. Nice header action going on!

  2. Nada says:

    do you deliver?

  3. cadams2 says:

    I loved the screenplay analysis while the bread was frying. I am waiting waiting waiting to see a movie that you wrote. Please, movie gods and everyone else, make it happen.

  4. Teeny Bikini says:

    Best Challah-title-ever 🙂

    • The title is unoriginal, alas, according to the Internets. I tried to comment on your post about kitty puke a while back, but I kept getting choked up because my beloved elderly kitty, who was more than my soulmate, just shuffled off this mortal coil. When I met him, I hated cats. Who would have believed that the thought of his disgusting puke (which I found all over the house weeks after he was gone) would have made me cry? Not me, if you had told me that 12 years ago when he first moved in with me against my will in Hollywood, a stone’s throw from Graumann’s Chinese.

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