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Making a Hash of It

I honestly can’t figure out how the expression “making a hash” of something, which has a negative connotation and means to mess things up, is related to that delicious solution to leftover meat (or almost any protein) — the culinary … Continue reading

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Applesauce in the Oven

When your apples are too far gone for pie, make applesauce. And when you are too lazy to make applesauce, make oven applesauce. I did see that the Barefoot Contessa had a recipe for applesauce in the oven, but I … Continue reading

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Holla for Challah French Toast

Every wonder why French toast tastes so good in restaurants? The secret is the dense egg bread that they invariably use as a base. Brioche is the fanciest (and the sweetest) bread to use but its hard to cut evenly … Continue reading

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Not Your Bubbie’s Matzo Brei

Or more correctly I should say this is not my grandmother’s matzo brei. My grandmother was an extraordinarily versatile woman who by the time she left this earth at almost 100 years old, had been a pretty good painter in … Continue reading

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Deconstructed Trifle/Tell Me How You Really Feel

One man’s trifle is another man’s heaping, delicious dessert. Or woman’s. Or child’s. You get it. I’m calling it “deconstructed,” not because I think literary critics from the 1980s are awesome, but because I skipped the custard and booze in … Continue reading

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Apple Sauce for One

I once moved across country to get out of a long term relationship I was having a hard time ending. I was pretty lonely when I got to the other end of the Continent, especially since I had accidentally selected … Continue reading

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Fried Chicken Salad is Still Salad

I got this idea for a salad from a chain called Tender Greens that has an outlet near my friend Alex’s place (and my old place) in West Hollywood. They call it the Southern Fried Chicken salad and their version … Continue reading

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