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Secret Cooking Tips Files: Soup

It’s that time of year again — when a not-so-young girl’s fancy turns to making soups and stews. I briefly flirted with millet last year — good for you, high in protein, etc. — so I have some left over … Continue reading

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Coconut Clam Chowder (with bacon)

So yes, it’s lactose-free, but I went heavy on the bacon. I was trying to recreate the taste of a conch chowder I once had (and let’s be honest — I had a lot of coconut milk left over from … Continue reading

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Making Vegetable Millet Soup

Millet is an ancient grain that has recently gotten a big reputation. Remember the quinoa craze? And how annoying it was to remember how to say it when it looked nothing like it sounded? Prepare for Millet-Mania. At least it’s … Continue reading

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Cream of Whatever Soup (No Lactose)

We are having an unusually cold summer. I always buy more celery than I can use — or maybe they sell celery in clumps that are too large. The older (feline) cooking assistant started stabbing me in the leg for … Continue reading

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Tomato Story: Purple Carrot Barley Soup

I swear that I read somewhere (the New York Times? It’s the only thing I read besides the New Yorker and TV Guide) that carrots used to be purple when they were first discovered and that orange was the novelty … Continue reading

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My Great-Grandmother’s Potato Soup

When Safeway delivered my groceries last week, it was cheaper to buy a whole bag of Yukon gold organic potatoes. So now I’m making potato everything, trying to get through them before they turn green and sprout. I’ve already done … Continue reading

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