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Sanctuary Bistro Opens Friday!

I have written before about my friends Barry the Vegan Chef and Jennifer the Teacher and Amazing Organizer. In my post, Some of My Best Friends are Vegans, I mentioned their Kickstarter campaign to open a restaurant as an offshoot … Continue reading

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Applesauce in the Oven

When your apples are too far gone for pie, make applesauce. And when you are too lazy to make applesauce, make oven applesauce. I did see that the Barefoot Contessa had a recipe for applesauce in the oven, but I … Continue reading

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Some of my best friends are vegans…

I’ve often been accused of writing a vegan and/or gluten-free blog here myself. I don’t. The only ingredient consistently missing from my recipes is dairy, which I’m not supposed to eat. Even then, I’m not perfect, usually opting for dairy … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration: Vegan Chocolate Praline Maple Bark

Forgive the hiatus. When Alan Arkin’s character in Argo (my pick for Best Movie of the Year even though I know those fools will give it to Lincoln) says something to the effect that the darkness of the movie business … Continue reading

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Apple Sauce for One

I once moved across country to get out of a long term relationship I was having a hard time ending. I was pretty lonely when I got to the other end of the Continent, especially since I had accidentally selected … Continue reading

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Stuck on the Second Act and “Cheesy” Cream of Wheat

Lately, I have been exploring other peoples’ blogs and getting more readers. (Thanks new readers!) One of them reminded me that the title of my blog is all about procrastination. Procrastination is something I do every day, so I thought … Continue reading

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Vegan Artichoke Lasagna

Time to revisit my vegan lasagna recipe. Lately, I have been high on Daiya cheeses, mostly because they really do melt. They don’t exactly taste like cheese but they don’t NOT taste like cheese, if that makes sense. I got … Continue reading

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Vegan Mushroom “Gravy” Isn’t Just for Vegetarians

Once you get over feeling bloated from tonight, this gravy would be perfect to liven up your leftovers! I had never made a veggie gravy before, even though I have been having the same vegetarian at the holiday since she … Continue reading

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Vegan Caramel Apples with Maple Syrup (and some nutty caramels leftover)

Is good vegan caramel even possible? This is the kind of question that keeps my lactose-intolerant mind up half the night. One blog I read claimed that smashed figs are the vegan equivalent of caramel (!!!). Trying not to be … Continue reading

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Vegan Almond Pralines — Easier Than You Think!

Making candy is no picnic. It’s the closest that cooking comes to true chemistry — and not in a good way. But which of the Shakespearean Richards was it who said, “My kingdom for a sleeve of Dickies?” The candy, … Continue reading

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