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Banana Layer Cake to Portland — Script to LA

Heading to LA so it’s time to pull out the tooth-whitening kit and finish my script (yikes!). Both are painful but only the tooth kit will leave lingering sensitivity. I hope. I don’t hate LA, in fact, I like it. … Continue reading

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Vegan “Buttercream” Frosting Take Two

Yes, I did have to make frosting to make those “low sugar” muffins taste right. I give. But what are New Year’s resolutions if not there to be broken? I’m still working off some vanilla coconut milk so I used … Continue reading

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Sublime Vegan Chocolate Frosting

That’s right I said it. Sublime. There’s no point in eating chocolate frosting unless it’s going to be wildly delicious. It’s simply not a nutritious food — at all — so it had better provide pure pleasure. I’m not OK … Continue reading

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