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Quince: The Original Fruit

I love to make jam (and have recently discovered the joys of jelly) but I’m loathe to blog about it because if you do it wrong, you can give someone the gift of botchulism. If you are new to preserving, … Continue reading

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Characters and Cupcakes

Our next door neighbor turned 93 this week so of course we baked banana cupcakes with googly eyes. The recipe was a riff on my banana layer cake recipe but I am incapable of making the same thing twice, apparently, … Continue reading

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Holla for Challah French Toast

Every wonder why French toast tastes so good in restaurants? The secret is the dense egg bread that they invariably use as a base. Brioche is the fanciest (and the sweetest) bread to use but its hard to cut evenly … Continue reading

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The Road to Hollywood is Paved with Burgers…

OK, so maybe it that’s just my road to Hollywood, but there are an awful lot of good burgers to be had in these parts. Since my arrival a week ago, I have eaten at the Counter, Burger Lounge, Rounds … Continue reading

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Banana Layer Cake to Portland — Script to LA

Heading to LA so it’s time to pull out the tooth-whitening kit and finish my script (yikes!). Both are painful but only the tooth kit will leave lingering sensitivity. I hope. I don’t hate LA, in fact, I like it. … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration: Vegan Chocolate Praline Maple Bark

Forgive the hiatus. When Alan Arkin’s character in Argo (my pick for Best Movie of the Year even though I know those fools will give it to Lincoln) says something to the effect that the darkness of the movie business … Continue reading

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Script Doctors and Wild Rice Salad

A recent New York Times article talked about a controversial guy who reviews screenplays of produced — and unproduced movies —  online. He is one of literally hundreds of people with no screenwriting credits of their own who make a … Continue reading

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Chocolate: Where the Stories Come From

My friend Howard’s first year at USC Film School, he took screenwriting 101 or whatever their “intro to” course is called. The professor’s first assignment was for the students to write a one page treatment (or summary) of a movie … Continue reading

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Stuck on the Second Act and “Cheesy” Cream of Wheat

Lately, I have been exploring other peoples’ blogs and getting more readers. (Thanks new readers!) One of them reminded me that the title of my blog is all about procrastination. Procrastination is something I do every day, so I thought … Continue reading

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