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Colorful Tuna Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes and Cornichons

I’m busy procrastinating on what (I hope) will be the penultimate (or close to it) rewrite on my young adult novel so I need brain food, but have no time to cook. Opening a can of tuna is a cheat … Continue reading

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BLT Salad and Writing Habits

I can’t write every day. I am ashamed to admit it, but there it is. I know that Trollope got up at 5 a.m. and penned 400 words before he headed off to run the English post office (he also … Continue reading

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Script Doctors and Wild Rice Salad

A recent New York Times article talked about a controversial guy who reviews screenplays of produced — and unproduced movies —  online. He is one of literally hundreds of people with no screenwriting credits of their own who make a … Continue reading

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Fried Chicken Salad is Still Salad

I got this idea for a salad from a chain called Tender Greens that has an outlet near my friend Alex’s place (and my old place) in West Hollywood. They call it the Southern Fried Chicken salad and their version … Continue reading

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Secret Cooking Tips Files: Salad Dressing Secrets

I once blogged that store-bought croutons are for suckers. I don’t feel exactly the same way about salad dressing, but pretty close. At least, I always find myself making dressing instead of buying it because depending on what is going … Continue reading

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Cool Greek Pasta Salad and the Fate of Andronico’s

It’s a coincidence that Andronico’s is a Greek name (Greek American guy, actually) and that the recipe below is for a Greek-style pasta salad. Andronico’s has been in the news a lot lately because they were on the verge of … Continue reading

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Anything but Guac!

This is a tomato story of a different kind. This stunning, if oddly-shaped, tomato was a gift from a guy who got it from a guy who grows tomatoes for a fancy restaurant in Oakland which used to be run … Continue reading

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Summer Stone Fruit Salad

OK, so fruit salad isn’t baking and it seems almost absurd to be writing up a recipe, but honestly, there must be someone out there who wonders why when they just cut up fruit in a bowl it doesn’t taste … Continue reading

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Sugar Snap Peas in a Creamy (Dairy-free) Dressing

While I was recently in the Chicago-area, I ate with my family at the idiotically named White Chocolate Grill. While it won’t surprise you to learn that this restaurant was part of a chain (albeit a small one) because we … Continue reading

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