BLT Salad and Writing Habits

blt salad

I can’t write every day. I am ashamed to admit it, but there it is. I know that Trollope got up at 5 a.m. and penned 400 words before he headed off to run the English post office (he also invented the mailbox, in his spare time) and that Grisham wrote on the train on his way to work as a lawyer and plenty of other writers (including great former teachers of mine) insist you have to sit down at the same time every day in front of a blank screen/sheet if you want to consider yourself a serious writer. But I just can’t.

I’m like my Dad that way. I remember how grouchy he was when he couldn’t write. He would devour magazines — anything from Science to People. He would watch crap TV and complain about it. He would sleep all day. And then when he was writing, reclining on his beat up brown couch, his hand flying over the yellow legal pads he preferred (he never did learn how to type), he would seem to be in a trance of creativity.

220px-Francis_Bacon_2Fans of awkward transitions will remember that we know next to nothing about Francis Bacon’s writing habits (although we do know he died trying to discover if you could preserve meat by freezing it), but we can enjoy the delectable flesh of the swine that he shares his name with.

Attention Vegans: Read no further. This recipe contains bacon. And bacon fat! In the spirit of Fried Chicken Salad, I give you, bacon, lettuce, and tomato salad. Two of those things are salad items to begin with. Add Russian dressing to your B, L, and T and toast a couple of slabs of bread and apply a little bacon fat to them —  and toast lightly again…And you have a BLT experience that puts the emphasis on the salad. Mostly.

onionryeI just discovered Trader Joe’s onion rye bread and I love it — especially smeared with bacon fat. It’s sort of like an inside-out bialy. Loads of onion not just a tiny bit that falls off in the toaster, never to be seen again. For the record, I don’t often smear things with bacon fat but I had a feeling it would be so amazing on that onion rye I couldn’t resist. As a child, I would always hear about chicken fat smeared toast from my old Jewish parents and think, “Gross.”  Then, one night at Sammy’s Roumanian Steakhouse, one of the few remaining Jewish things on the Lower East Side, I noticed that they had maple syrup pitchers on the tables, filled with something yellow and oily. It was chicken fat aka schmaltz! Bingo! My long-lost heritage reclaimed.

Of course bacon and bacon fat were totally off limits (traif — forbidden by Jewish law) to the likes of my ancestors. They had no idea what they were missing.tomatoes

Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Salad with Onion-Rye Toasts


2 or 3 slices of good bacon, cooked to your preference
2 or 3 cups of lettuce (I used butter but romaine would be better — or best? Iceberg!)
3 tablespoons of ketchup
2 tablespoons of mayo
1 good-sized tomato or a couple of smaller ones — chopped
2 pieces of toasted rye

Fry the bacon and reserve the fat for later. Combine the salad ingredients. Russian dressing is forgiving. Mix it before, during, after. Your choice. Spread the toast with a tiny bit of reserved fat and re-toast lightly. Enjoy.blt salad and toast


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12 Responses to BLT Salad and Writing Habits

  1. Nada says:

    BACON!!!!!! and salad.Two of my favorite foods.

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    For me, you just cannot find a bad way to serve mayo, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and toasted bread. Your salad is certainly one of the better ways.

  3. dearferrero says:

    This sure makes me hungry!

  4. magentmama says:

    I miss American bacon. The bacon here in Sicily is pancetta, they cut it thickly and it just does not have the same taste. Buon appetito! I am a new follower.

    • Thanks for the follow! Why is it that every country has totally different bacon? I can’t eat the bacon in England at all. It smells like ammonia to me…On the other had, I bet Sicily’s tomatoes taste like no other. Thanks for commenting!!!

  5. Sheryl says:

    It looks delicious!

  6. This looks and sounds amazing. I love BLTs. I’ll look for the onion rye at TJ’s.

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