Summer Stone Fruit Salad

OK, so fruit salad isn’t baking and it seems almost absurd to be writing up a recipe, but honestly, there must be someone out there who wonders why when they just cut up fruit in a bowl it doesn’t taste like fruit salad.

So I am revealing the secret for you, that extreme novice: citrus juice. After you cut your fruit, squeeze a lime or other citrus fruit over it and let it macerate for at least one hour before serving. My other secret touch? A sprinkle of cinnamon which is also good for regulating your blood sugar. I never resort to added sugar on a fresh fruit salad because I use ripe or VERY ripe fruit which is plenty sweet all by itself.

I added lactose-free yogurt from Green Valley Organics. It’s the only lactose-free yogurt I’ve seen in the US but it’s delicious, luckily!

Any kind of citrus will do to marinate. The salad above has overripe orange juice on it but lime juice is especially nice with things like banana and mango.

Summer Stone Fruit Salad


2 large ripe nectarines
3 ripe plums
1 ripe peach
2 ripe oranges (if they aren’t seedless, use a strainer when you squeeze them over the bowl)

Cut your stone fruit into bite sized pieces. I leave the skin on for extra tartness and vitamins but that’s optional! Squeeze the orange over it. Let sit for at least one hour and serve with yogurt or creme fraiche.


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