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Fancy Food Show: Candy Edition

Here are the top 5 trends from the Winter Fancy Food Show: Sriracha. Wasn’t that big a while ago? Weird chips (like pasta chips or sprouted wheat) Stuff with mint Low-sugar, nasty sounding drinks (though what I mostly saw was … Continue reading

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My Personal Awards from the Winter Fancy Food Show

I attended the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco last week. For those of you who have never heard of it, this is a trade show for people who make or import specialty food stuffs to peddle their wares to … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration: Vegan Chocolate Praline Maple Bark

Forgive the hiatus. When Alan Arkin’s character in Argo (my pick for Best Movie of the Year even though I know those fools will give it to Lincoln) says something to the effect that the darkness of the movie business … Continue reading

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Vegan Caramel Apples with Maple Syrup (and some nutty caramels leftover)

Is good vegan caramel even possible? This is the kind of question that keeps my lactose-intolerant mind up half the night. One blog I read claimed that smashed figs are the vegan equivalent of caramel (!!!). Trying not to be … Continue reading

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Vegan Almond Pralines — Easier Than You Think!

Making candy is no picnic. It’s the closest that cooking comes to true chemistry — and not in a good way. But which of the Shakespearean Richards was it who said, “My kingdom for a sleeve of Dickies?” The candy, … Continue reading

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I have written about banania and Bisquick banana pancakes so I felt almost obligated to write about bananica when it came my way. My wonderful upstairs neighbor brought me a bananica from the former Yugoslavia, among other fantastic treats (my … Continue reading

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Cereal Squares For the Serious Palate

I might have already mentioned a few times that I don’t like to throw away old food. I get this problem from my Dad who would scream at you for tossing a clearly rotting item from the fridge — which … Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate Sesame Snaps: More Dairy-free Junk Food

A poem for thee, dark chocolate sesame snap. Very few dairy-free candies satisfy my craving for chocolate and crunchy but you do it with aplomb — and extrapolating from your presence in hiking shops, I’m guessing you are also a … Continue reading

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No Lactose Fruit Cake Bread Pudding & Muffins

If, like me, you had frozen a fruit cake from Christmas in the freezer, now’s the time to use it or lose it. I pride myself on my ability to wrap baked goods so that they don’t suffer from freezer … Continue reading

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How Cadbury’s Whole Nut Saved My Life…

OK, so maybe “saved my life” is a bit strong, but the year I was thirteen, my family moved to London and enrolled me in an exclusive girls’ school. The school hadn’t been painted in a good 40 years and … Continue reading

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