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Nut Bread with Banana and Orange

A friend’s husband believes that banana bread is traditional for Thanksgiving. And who is to say it’s not where he comes from? Continuing my quest to bake more healthy things, here is an orange banana nut bread that owes more … Continue reading

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Vegan Caramel Apples with Maple Syrup (and some nutty caramels leftover)

Is good vegan caramel even possible? This is the kind of question that keeps my lactose-intolerant mind up half the night. One blog I read claimed that smashed figs are the vegan equivalent of caramel (!!!). Trying not to be … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Bisquick: Part 2

Another awesome thing about pancake batter? If you make too much (which is easy to do when you live alone) you can toss the remains in the fridge in a container and if it gets too stiff after a day … Continue reading

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