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Instant Gratification from France

I don’t like the taste of cake mix. There’s something metallic about it that spoils the flavor for me. Plus, how much time does it actually save to use a mix, given that you have to add liquid, egg, and … Continue reading

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Fancy Food Show: Candy Edition

Here are the top 5 trends from the Winter Fancy Food Show: Sriracha. Wasn’t that big a while ago? Weird chips (like pasta chips or sprouted wheat) Stuff with mint Low-sugar, nasty sounding drinks (though what I mostly saw was … Continue reading

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Chocolate Pudding: Take Deux

Other people have been living in my apartment. There have been so many of them, I don’t know which one is addicted to dark chocolate — cocoa powder to be precise. When I moved out, I had maybe three or … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration: Vegan Chocolate Praline Maple Bark

Forgive the hiatus. When Alan Arkin’s character in Argo (my pick for Best Movie of the Year even though I know those fools will give it to Lincoln) says something to the effect that the darkness of the movie business … Continue reading

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Super-Easy Fast Chocolate Pudding Meets Creme Chantilly from Normandy

When I am at the health food store (which is actually my local grocery) I can’t resist buying those chocolate bars that claim they are made of World Peace. You know the ones I mean — they have photos of … Continue reading

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Chocolate: Where the Stories Come From

My friend Howard’s first year at USC Film School, he took screenwriting 101 or whatever their “intro to” course is called. The professor’s first assignment was for the students to write a one page treatment (or summary) of a movie … Continue reading

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Marble Banana Bread (Dairy-free)

As usual, I bought more bananas than I could eat in time.  Sometimes, I will peel them and break them into manageable chunks and freeze them for smoothies. This time, I had just made an only partially successful marble cake … Continue reading

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