Marble Banana Bread (Dairy-free)

As usual, I bought more bananas than I could eat in time.  Sometimes, I will peel them and break them into manageable chunks and freeze them for smoothies. This time, I had just made an only partially successful marble cake for a friend’s birthday and I thought I needed practice with “marbling” in baking. The problem with the marble cake might or might not have been my mother’s oven, because this recipe (which I invented, based on my own Pumpkin Walnut Cranberry Muffins and Quick Bread recipe) came out great.

The nuts are optional. I only put walnuts in half the tiny breads because my nephew at college has people on his floor who are allergic, the way all the young people seem to be these days.

Marbled Chocolate Banana Quick Bread (no dairy)


1 or 2 cups mashed-up ripe bananas (whatever you having rotting at home)
2 cups Bisquick (I used lowfat in the white box)
2 eggs, beaten
5 ounces of a neutral oil like canola
1 cup walnuts (optional)
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
1/2 cup of sugar

Preheat oven to 350.

Unpaid Product Placement!

I used connected tiny loaf pans (I have no idea where I got them or if they were no-stick) so I sprayed Pam in them because I don’t trust the “no stick”ness of anything except my Chicago Metallic. You can also grease and flour, but Pam really works and I’m lazy, plus I don’t like the taste of the extra flour if I can avoid it. This recipe makes two normal-sized loaves (pound cake sized pan), about 16 smallish muffins, or four mini-loaves, as I have done.

Mix wet ingredients (except bananas) in a big bowl with a wire whisk till well blended. Add the Bisquick. Once the ingredients are well blended, take out 3/4 cup of the batter and set aside.

Add the mashed bananas to the big bowl and stir the cocoa powder into the set-aside batter. If you are using walnuts, measure them with the cup you used for the Bisquick before adding to the batter.

Pour the plain batter into loaf pans and then add the chocolate part, mixing in with a knife.

Bake 20 – 40 minutes, depending on the size of the loaves you are making (less time for muffins). A toothpick to the center should come out reasonably clean, but I have noticed that the chocolate swirl takes a tiny bit longer to bake. If your plain edges are threatening to burn, take out the loaves anyway! The loaf will continue cooking as it cools down.

Put the loaf pans on a cooling rack and go around the edges with a knife a few times while they are cooling down. Do allow to cool completely before decanting.

I sampled the walnut loaf (I just sprinkled the walnuts on top at the end so I could tell which was which). It was lovely and light and perfect for breakfast or tea. Or eating around the dorm. I hope my nephew likes it.

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3 Responses to Marble Banana Bread (Dairy-free)

  1. This sounds scrumptious. I like the specific instructions for marbling. Do try to remember where you found those mini connected pans. I’m using small aluminum disposables. I wash and reuse. But yours are much more elegant!

    • bakingnotwriting says:

      Good lord! I can give you wee loaf pans. I have far too many. As for the connected one, I’m pretty sure I got it where I usually “shop” — my mother’s pantry. No idea, in short, where it came from. But I have so many tiny loaf pans I can’t possibly use them all.

  2. Nada says:

    I better be getting some of that on Wednesday!!!!

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