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Dairy-Free Junk Food Files: Golden Rolls

These crisp and airy yet densely buttery-tasting confections feign dairy effectively, yet contain none. Equally at home in a fruit salad or an ice cream sundae, their only downside is that they are maddeningly hard to find in the United … Continue reading

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Dairy-Free Junk Food Files: Phil’s Potato Tots

I was reading an article about Chez Panisse’s fire because it was a big part of my life growing up, when I spotted an ad on the side of the blog page for a place called Phil’s Sliders. Actually, what … Continue reading

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Dairy-free Junk Food Files: Coconut Nog!

Coconut nog! I’m not a fan of So Delicious‘ other products but this nog does it for me. Yummy. Compared to regular nog, it’s almost a healthy beverage (well, not really, but it has less fat and no saturated fat … Continue reading

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Dairy-free Junk Food Secret Files: Bugles

Bugles say they may contain some milk right on the package, but if they do, it’s by accident. They are basically cornucopia-shaped Fritos, but saltier and finer grained, if you can imagine that. They are also the first “cone-shaped” corn … Continue reading

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Vegan Almond Pralines — Easier Than You Think!

Making candy is no picnic. It’s the closest that cooking comes to true chemistry — and not in a good way. But which of the Shakespearean Richards was it who said, “My kingdom for a sleeve of Dickies?” The candy, … Continue reading

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Cereal Squares For the Serious Palate

I might have already mentioned a few times that I don’t like to throw away old food. I get this problem from my Dad who would scream at you for tossing a clearly rotting item from the fridge — which … Continue reading

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Dairy-Free Junk Food Secret Files: Fresh & Easy Pear Gel

Ah. Pear gel. My older nephew discovered this when we were on vacation in Pacifica last Christmas. These generous little cups of fruit gelled desserts are Fresh & Easy house brand and the pear flavor is a real stand out. … Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate Sesame Snaps: More Dairy-free Junk Food

A poem for thee, dark chocolate sesame snap. Very few dairy-free candies satisfy my craving for chocolate and crunchy but you do it with aplomb — and extrapolating from your presence in hiking shops, I’m guessing you are also a … Continue reading

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Dairy-Free Junk Food (More) Secret Files: Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin Cookies

My good friend Wichita Sims (and check out her new author blog) has pointed out that I am presently neither baking nor writing, post-foot surgery. I am being waited on hand and foot (because I can’t use one of my … Continue reading

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Sublime Vegan Chocolate Frosting

That’s right I said it. Sublime. There’s no point in eating chocolate frosting unless it’s going to be wildly delicious. It’s simply not a nutritious food — at all — so it had better provide pure pleasure. I’m not OK … Continue reading

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