Dairy-free Junk Food Secret Files: Bugles

buglesbagBugles say they may contain some milk right on the package, but if they do, it’s by accident. They are basically cornucopia-shaped Fritos, but saltier and finer grained, if you can imagine that.snacks_bugles_in_bowl

They are also the first “cone-shaped” corn snack — and apparently the only one that survived the Swinging ’60s. According to the General Mills website:


“Bugles, the first cone-shaped corn snack, was launched in 1966. Daisy*s, Buttons, Bows (1967) and Whistles (1968) would follow.” Wither Daisys, Buttons, Bows and Whistles? And why did Bugles make it?

The Betty Crocker website (which I joined, so I could save the recipes for myself — firetruck-shaped cake anyone?) lists “numerous recipes” that can be made with Bugles. I had to search this in order to believe it. Most of the recipes are just some variation on Chex mix with Bugles added.

The recipe below (Melting Witch Pudding Cups) is the most creative because it uses a chocolate-covered Bugle for the witch’s hat. Bugles, theoretically come in regular, Nacho cheese, Caramel, and Chocolate Peanut Butter, but I’ve only ever seen regular, except for once when there were cheese ones in the $1 bins at Target. I guess you have to chocolate coat your own Bugle to make this witch?Buglewitch

The website says: “The unique, funnel shape delivers a crispy corn crunch in six flavors.” What are the other two lost flavors? Pizza Bugles? The above-mentioned chocolate-covered Bugle? Cool Ranch Bugles? You’re killing me, General Mills.

The other good thing about Bugles is that they are so salty, at least I can only eat a handful before I feel the need to move on to healthier foods. Potato chips never have that effect on me, I’m sorry to report.

Another advantage of the Bugle? They have BoxTops for Education (or one at least) on each bag and I’m sucker for anything that will give money to the school where I volunteer. Maybboxtopsforeducatione it’s different where you live, but my school needs every penny. I even fish them out of the recycle bins. Gross? Perhaps. But my kids deserve the best. P.S., If you’re keeping track, I sent out one query…but didn’t make any progress yet on the second act. I think I need a subplot (or B plot — and maybe even a C plot?). Will keep you posted.


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2 Responses to Dairy-free Junk Food Secret Files: Bugles

  1. Gma says:

    I am deathly allergic to milk, soy, etc..and do they have milk in them? Bugles? Thank You

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