Dairy-Free Junk Food (More) Secret Files: Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin Cookies

My good friend Wichita Sims (and check out her new author blog) has pointed out that I am presently neither baking nor writing, post-foot surgery.

I am being waited on hand and foot (because I can’t use one of my own) and one of the gluten, dairy, tree-nut and everything free products my mother has discovered warrants mention in the Dairy-free Junk Food Secret Files.

The unfortunate full name of this cookie is DR. Lucy’s but someone was smart enough to leave that off of the box when they created it. I am loving the cinnamon thin and I can bet that the sugar cookie is nice too, but as with all products like this, the chocolate chip cookie isn’t all that unless you really like a crunchy, fake dry choc chip in which case it’s not too awful.

But the cinnamon thin is excellent — fully as good as a similar product that contains a host of things. These cookies are so free of things (except soy, oats, and fava) it’s a wonder they don’t just float away into the air.

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I'm a writer who is always baking! Or a baker who is always writing...No. Other way around.
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4 Responses to Dairy-Free Junk Food (More) Secret Files: Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin Cookies

  1. Nili Tannenbaum says:

    Yum! Hope you’re all healed soon!

  2. Thanks! I hope I am too. Lying around with my foot in the air is getting pretty old in week two!

  3. Nada says:

    My usual statement – Save some for me!!

    Your dog wore me out today. It was a close contest, but he won. Tomorrow brings a new game though.

  4. The Podengo is hard to exhaust but it sounds like you are winning at that. The Lucy’s cookies may have to be replaced because they are here at my Mom’s so they aren’t under my exclusive control. They claim to be for sale at places as mundane as Safeway and Von’s though (although I’ve only seen them at the likes of Andronico’s) so maybe I can order some for my house for our next writing session?

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