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Dairy-Free Junk Food Files: Golden Rolls

These crisp and airy yet densely buttery-tasting confections feign dairy effectively, yet contain none. Equally at home in a fruit salad or an ice cream sundae, their only downside is that they are maddeningly hard to find in the United … Continue reading

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Custard and Coyotes

When I say custard I don’t mean flan or the kind you bake in the oven. I’m talking about the traditional, gluey English kind you “prepare on the hob and pour over puddings (desserts)” to quote something I read about … Continue reading

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Deconstructed Trifle/Tell Me How You Really Feel

One man’s trifle is another man’s heaping, delicious dessert. Or woman’s. Or child’s. You get it. I’m calling it “deconstructed,” not because I think literary critics from the 1980s are awesome, but because I skipped the custard and booze in … Continue reading

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Dairy-free Rabbit (Rarebit)

Teetotalers beware! I followed the recipe from for “Classic Rarebit” pretty closely and used an entire cup of booze (sherry, as it happens, probably the flat beer they recommend is less alcoholic) and this was the booziest recipe I … Continue reading

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Tuna and Sweet on a Spud

I was at a small sandwich shop in London once years ago and noticed that one of the fillings on offer was “tuna and sweet.” The man behind the counter was annoyed when I asked what that was. Apparently, tuna … Continue reading

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