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Apple Sauce for One

I once moved across country to get out of a long term relationship I was having a hard time ending. I was pretty lonely when I got to the other end of the Continent, especially since I had accidentally selected … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Dog Biscuits

Yep — dog biscuits. This year, instead of making treats for people, I’m making them for the furry friends in my life. Believe it or not, it’s not that easy to find affordable treats for dogs that don’t include grain … Continue reading

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Dairy-free Junk Food Files: Coconut Nog!

Coconut nog! I’m not a fan of So Delicious‘ other products but this nog does it for me. Yummy. Compared to regular nog, it’s almost a healthy beverage (well, not really, but it has less fat and no saturated fat … Continue reading

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Vegan Mushroom “Gravy” Isn’t Just for Vegetarians

Once you get over feeling bloated from tonight, this gravy would be perfect to liven up your leftovers! I had never made a veggie gravy before, even though I have been having the same vegetarian at the holiday since she … Continue reading

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The Great Bay Area Root Beer Tasting

I wanted to call this the Great American Root Beer Tasting, but some people in the Midwest already did almost that. If you want to do your own root beer tasting, they even have a form you can download. We … Continue reading

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Late Latkes

It’s the last night of Channukah but I figured, better late than never for the latke recipe. My mother uses a cookbook from the ages called Love & Knishes and it looks exactly like this, faded cover and all. The … Continue reading

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The (C)Hannukah Loaf

I know food bloggers are supposed to be full of holiday cheer and “I can use my glue gun to create the town of Bethlehem and put it under the tree with trains in 5 minutes flat” but I’m just … Continue reading

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The Two-Hour Turkey

This isn’t it. This is a baby in a turkey outfit she will wear once in her life — this Thanksgiving. Next year, she’ll be too big and have to hand it down to some other lucky tot. Apparently, the … Continue reading

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