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Late Latkes

It’s the last night of Channukah but I figured, better late than never for the latke recipe. My mother uses a cookbook from the ages called Love & Knishes and it looks exactly like this, faded cover and all. The … Continue reading

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Mashed Potatoes Go With Everything

It’s officially fall. I am craving mashed potatoes. I’m really into this new trend where they call them “smashed” potatoes and don’t mash them till they are smooth — just enough to make them chunky. Sometimes they smash them flat … Continue reading

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Yes, I Said Schnittnuldeln

Don’t make me say it again.I didn’t know what they were when I bought them but I was taken with the picture of the pointing hen on the package. They came from Jon’s Market in LA. Not to be confused … Continue reading

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Noodle Fritters

This is almost too easy to write about but I actually found myself looking up a recipe because I wasn’t sure if I had imagined that they existed. Noodle fritters are like matzoh brie — but with noodles instead of … Continue reading

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Lactose-free Hungarian Paprikash

Having to give up real sour cream meant no more paprikash — which is probably my favorite way to enjoy meat — with nothing but onion, a decent browning, and a blanket of Hungarian paprika cut with sour cream. Thank … Continue reading

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Bisquick Banana Pancakes: Complicated Breakfasts Continued

It’s Sunday and I had two old bananas lying around. That’s almost tantamount to being legally obligated to make banana pancakes. I couldn’t remember ever making pancakes with the fruit IN before (see the Beauty of Bisquick Part 2 for … Continue reading

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