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Sanctuary Bistro Opens Friday!

I have written before about my friends Barry the Vegan Chef and Jennifer the Teacher and Amazing Organizer. In my post, Some of My Best Friends are Vegans, I mentioned their Kickstarter campaign to open a restaurant as an offshoot … Continue reading

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Some of my best friends are vegans…

I’ve often been accused of writing a vegan and/or gluten-free blog here myself. I don’t. The only ingredient consistently missing from my recipes is dairy, which I’m not supposed to eat. Even then, I’m not perfect, usually opting for dairy … Continue reading

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New Year’s Gluten-free Tarts

The title may be misleading. I am not giving up gluten for the New Year. I was just invited to a New Year’s Day party that was going to feature many gluten-free people, and I saw a recipe for fruit … Continue reading

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More Millet: Tasty Millet Stew

Getting the hang of millet at last. I think. Because the molasses in my last batch of muffins went sort of bitter on me (wonder if I burned it?) I haven’t gotten around to trying to make millet molasses muffins. … Continue reading

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Gratin Un-Dauphinois (Lactose-free)

The weather turns cold and a young girl’s fancy turns to gratin. Even the cat “occupies” his own bed in this weather, showing solidarity or simply hogging the heater? Theories can be found here. But back to the gratin. I … Continue reading

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Dairy-Free Junk Food Secret Files: Fresh & Easy Pear Gel

Ah. Pear gel. My older nephew discovered this when we were on vacation in Pacifica last Christmas. These generous little cups of fruit gelled desserts are Fresh & Easy house brand and the pear flavor is a real stand out. … Continue reading

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Mashed Potatoes Go With Everything

It’s officially fall. I am craving mashed potatoes. I’m really into this new trend where they call them “smashed” potatoes and don’t mash them till they are smooth — just enough to make them chunky. Sometimes they smash them flat … Continue reading

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Apple Butter NOT

It is apple butter but no butter involved. There never is. It’s like an egg cream — no egg, no cream. “Butter” refers to the smooth texture of the apple conserve and I have fond memories of making this apple-tastic … Continue reading

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Anything but Guac!

This is a tomato story of a different kind. This stunning, if oddly-shaped, tomato was a gift from a guy who got it from a guy who grows tomatoes for a fancy restaurant in Oakland which used to be run … Continue reading

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Cream of Whatever Soup (No Lactose)

We are having an unusually cold summer. I always buy more celery than I can use — or maybe they sell celery in clumps that are too large. The older (feline) cooking assistant started stabbing me in the leg for … Continue reading

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