More Millet: Tasty Millet Stew

ImageGetting the hang of millet at last. I think. Because the molasses in my last batch of muffins went sort of bitter on me (wonder if I burned it?) I haven’t gotten around to trying to make millet molasses muffins. Instead, the cold weather inspired what I like to think of as savory millet porridge, but Wichita Sims says that things that rhyme with “orridge” sound gross so stew won.

This time I rinsed the millet and used way more liquid. I was much happier with the very tasty results even though I don’t think you can toast the millet if you rinse it first (though I tried). Some people toast the millet on a cookie sheet but that can cause a huge mess — they even admit that. I’m not coordinated enough to even try it although I have the perfect clean up squad — with reinforcements this week.Image

Vegetarian Millet Stew


1 1/2 cups of millet
4 cups of liquid (I used water plus a cube of vegetable stock)
2 medium carrots
1 stick of celery
2 medium tomatoes
1 cup each frozen green beans and peas (unthawed)
2 tablespoons olive oil
Onions and garlic if you had them — I used onion salt and garlic powder
Sea salt to taste

Heat the olive oil in a big soup pot. Chop your vegetables. I didn’t have any onions or garlic but would have used them if I had in which case saute the onion and celery first and the garlic last so it doesn’t burn. Carrots come second. I added the millet then and because I was keeping it low fat for the Sims’ diet I couldn’t add anymore oil at that point, so I had to add liquid before the millet could properly toast. Allow the mixture to boil and put in the broth cube at that moment if you are using it. Reduce the heat and simmer for about twenty five minutes until millet absorbs the liquid. If you are using frozen vegetables (so chic!) rinse them and add them right before serving, stirring them in the heating millet until they are cooked.

I served it with lactose-free yogurt and a few walnuts.


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4 Responses to More Millet: Tasty Millet Stew

  1. Wichita Sims says:

    I will attest to the fact this millet “delight” was absolutely scrumptious. I prefer “delight” over “stew” and any word over “porridge.” My only regret is I did not take some home when you offered it. I have been thinking of it ever since in my special OCD way.

  2. Forced Millet Delight. Makes me think of those foie gras geese!

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