Mashed Potatoes Go With Everything

It’s officially fall. I am craving mashed potatoes. I’m really into this new trend where they call them “smashed” potatoes and don’t mash them till they are smooth — just enough to make them chunky. Sometimes they smash them flat and oven roast them but I think that is technically “squashed” potatoes. I love all of these new iterations — or am I just lazy? Both, probably. I love the added texture of the chunks. Another fun thing to do with root vegetables? Get your mind out of the gutter. Add carrots or sweet potatoes to regular potatoes for a sweet kick.

Shout out to Fresh & Easy, my favorite American grocery store, (wrote about them here), where I picked up these lovely tiny golden potatoes that turned out to be so sweet and flavorful, even well past their sell by date. This recipe is going to be part conjecture, since I used the leftover carrot puree from my earlier muffin recipe and added it to the boiled Fresh & Easy tiny potatoes. You should feel free to experiment. I know beets are in season right this second. Would they make a nice “smashed” root veggie dish? Probably so, although it would be very sweet and might require balance from something else — citrus maybe?

No Dairy Smashed Potatoes and Carrots


Pureed carrots (about 1 cup)
Potatoes that have been boiled until soft (I used 3 lbs. of tiny potatoes — small ones are more flavorful and I  especially like Yukon golds)
1 stick Earth Balance
White pepper and salt to taste

Preheat your oven to 400.

Because the potatoes were tiny, I just scrubbed them and removed the eyes before boiling. Eyes are bad. Toxic even. Cut them off but leave the skin on your taters. If you use full-sized potatoes, cut them into chunks before boiling. But don’t with this recipe. Full-sized potatoes are bland and require added butter and cream. Seriously.

Once the potatoes are super soft (about 25 minutes of vigorous boiling), put them in a big metal bowl. Heat the pureed carrots and Earth Balance till the Earth Balance is melting and mash the whole thing together.

My Mom always uses heated milk in mashed potatoes and you could use lactose-free milk or coconut milk (or cream) but I wanted the root vegetables to star here so I skipped that step and the flavor of the veg really came through.

Add salt and white pepper to taste. Again, I prefer white pepper in mashed potatoes because it is more subtle.

Once you have mashed to the point you are happy with, bake the mixture in an oven-friendly casserole until the top is crunchy — 20 to 30 minutes.

Serve with a garnish that is 1/3 Green Valley Organics Lactose-free Sour Cream and 2/3 Green Valley Organics Lactose-free Plain Yogurt with a pinch of salt, if desired (as pictured above).

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