Dairy-Free Junk Food Secret Files: Fresh & Easy Pear Gel

Ah. Pear gel. My older nephew discovered this when we were on vacation in Pacifica last Christmas. These generous little cups of fruit gelled desserts are Fresh & Easy house brand and the pear flavor is a real stand out. Because they are British, (Tesco’s owns Fresh & Easy) they call it “pear gel.” In England, jello is called jelly but we call jam jelly and Jello is a trademark so…You see the problem.

The taste is sublime though. It seems rather unfair to call it “junk food” when it is simply pear concentrate and water (no artificial coloring  or anything anyone might object to) but such snacks have very little actual nutritional value beyond vitamin C, I suppose.
On the other hand, post-gum surgery this is the perfect little pot of refreshment and I’m so glad Wichita Sims was thoughtful enough to bring me a handful from Pacifica this week.

I have sung the prasies of Fresh & Easy markets before, and rumor has it that one of our lesser Andronico’s markets might even morph into one. The thought of having pear gel close at hand is seductive indeed.


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6 Responses to Dairy-Free Junk Food Secret Files: Fresh & Easy Pear Gel

  1. hope your post-surgery recovery is going well!

  2. Nada says:

    Very cool photos. And now, I think I must buy some pear gel. It looks so appetizing.

  3. It is delicious! And I’m very proud of those photos. Now if I could just get the F& E blog to give me some love. I send them my blogposts that sing their praises but I guess I go into spam comments.

    • Nada says:

      I don’t know what’s with the F&E blog. First, there’s not a link to the blog on their official site. Secondly, they don’t respond to comments people leave on their blog. Third, they don’t give anyone else any love. How in the world do they expect to build a F&E online community? They could use their blog for so much PR that people could really get excited about. Instead, they do the bare minimum – post. Blech. Pictures are so bad too.

  4. Thanks for your support! I think the photos are getting better but I sure wish they’d allow me to comment when I have nothing but good things to say.

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