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Instant Gratification from France

I don’t like the taste of cake mix. There’s something metallic about it that spoils the flavor for me. Plus, how much time does it actually save to use a mix, given that you have to add liquid, egg, and … Continue reading

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Biscuits d’Affinois

Le Dauphin (or dolphin) means lots of things in France — the son of the king (when there was one), a beautiful region which includes the Alpes, and several delicious cheeses, including Fromager d’affinois which is a corruption of “dauphinois.” … Continue reading

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Applesauce in the Oven

When your apples are too far gone for pie, make applesauce. And when you are too lazy to make applesauce, make oven applesauce. I did see that the Barefoot Contessa had a recipe for applesauce in the oven, but I … Continue reading

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Round Pie in a Square Pan

Am I stuck lately? Sure. Stuck on pie. Stuck on my two rewrites. In an uncomfortable rut in my life? Unable to cobble together enough to pay my mortgage? All of the above. I have been revising my Middle Grade … Continue reading

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Pie Academy: Part 2 (Don’t Fear the Crust)

Now that I’ve gotten past Chanukah-giving trauma — and have many more successful pies under my belt, both literally and figuratively — I’m ready to spill. And split my pants. My fellow blogger Chicago John reminded me the importance of … Continue reading

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Last year at this time I promised I would get really good at making pie and then pass along my wisdom. Bad news.  I didn’t make that much pie. I did make enough so that I don’t feel nervous any … Continue reading

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Dueling Cornbread Mixes

Why mixes? I have a weird love/hate relationship with mixes. Much like I have a love/hate relationship with ornaments that say, “Merry Christmas from Heaven,” featuring a photo of a dead dearly beloved. No. I just hate those. If you … Continue reading

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Characters and Cupcakes

Our next door neighbor turned 93 this week so of course we baked banana cupcakes with googly eyes. The recipe was a riff on my banana layer cake recipe but I am incapable of making the same thing twice, apparently, … Continue reading

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Nephew Muffins

What do you do with a nephew who is allergic to nuts suddenly in his teenaged years? You can’t return them for cash at that point — the warranty has expired. I have tried adding millet before to muffins when … Continue reading

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Dried Berry Drop Scones

These scones are so easy — and a shameless variation on my stone fruit scones — that I’m tempted to skip writing about them. Except I haven’t blogged in over a month and the lack of baking and writing was … Continue reading

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