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When Only Bread Baked by a Cranky Frenchman Will Do

We are spoiled rotten when it comes to bread around here. I can afford to refuse to eat anyone’s baguette but the Cheeseboard’s (all crust!), insist on Acme’s whole wheat loaf for sandwiches (s0 sweet, so dense), and prefer Semifreddi’s … Continue reading

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Last year at this time I promised I would get really good at making pie and then pass along my wisdom. Bad news.¬† I didn’t make that much pie. I did make enough so that I don’t feel nervous any … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Puff Pastry

Here are some of the miraculous things you can make with what we call “puff pastry” and the French call feuillet√©e — or leaves or layers of pastry — which frankly is a lot more similar to what this pastry … Continue reading

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