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Dried Berry Drop Scones

These scones are so easy — and a shameless variation on my stone fruit scones — that I’m tempted to skip writing about them. Except I haven’t blogged in over a month and the lack of baking and writing was … Continue reading

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Bisquick Banana Pancakes: Complicated Breakfasts Continued

It’s Sunday and I had two old bananas lying around. That’s almost tantamount to being legally obligated to make banana pancakes. I couldn’t remember ever making pancakes with the fruit IN before (see the Beauty of Bisquick Part 2 for … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Bisquick: Part 2

Another awesome thing about pancake batter? If you make too much (which is easy to do when you live alone) you can toss the remains in the fridge in a container and if it gets too stiff after a day … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Bisquick

It has happened. I have become the kind of person who photographs her breakfast! It wasn’t so long ago (maybe a month) that I was reading an article in the New York Times about a person who takes photos of … Continue reading

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