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Dairy-Free Junk Food Files: Phil’s Potato Tots

I was reading an article about Chez Panisse’s fire because it was a big part of my life growing up, when I spotted an ad on the side of the blog page for a place called Phil’s Sliders. Actually, what … Continue reading

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Secret Cooking Tips Files: Hash It

Clearly, with the newly cool weather, I am feeling very “spudly,” but hash isn’t just for potatoes. I consider the re-frying of leftover turkey and stuffing to be a kind of hash — at least it seems that way to … Continue reading

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Tuna and Sweet on a Spud

I was at a small sandwich shop in London once years ago and noticed that one of the fillings on offer was “tuna and sweet.” The man behind the counter was annoyed when I asked what that was. Apparently, tuna … Continue reading

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Coconut Clam Chowder (with bacon)

So yes, it’s lactose-free, but I went heavy on the bacon. I was trying to recreate the taste of a conch chowder I once had (and let’s be honest — I had a lot of coconut milk left over from … Continue reading

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Bacon Party…

Those are two words I find hard to resist. I was invited last night to an annual bacon party. The dishes were judged on a variety of qualities including presentation and — I believe — overall deliciousness. There were a … Continue reading

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Late Latkes

It’s the last night of Channukah but I figured, better late than never for the latke recipe. My mother uses a cookbook from the ages called Love & Knishes and it looks exactly like this, faded cover and all. The … Continue reading

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Gratin Un-Dauphinois (Lactose-free)

The weather turns cold and a young girl’s fancy turns to gratin. Even the cat “occupies” his own bed in this weather, showing solidarity or simply hogging the heater? Theories can be found here. But back to the gratin. I … Continue reading

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Mashed Potatoes Go With Everything

It’s officially fall. I am craving mashed potatoes. I’m really into this new trend where they call them “smashed” potatoes and don’t mash them till they are smooth — just enough to make them chunky. Sometimes they smash them flat … Continue reading

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Cream of Whatever Soup (No Lactose)

We are having an unusually cold summer. I always buy more celery than I can use — or maybe they sell celery in clumps that are too large. The older (feline) cooking assistant started stabbing me in the leg for … Continue reading

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Dairy-free “Cheesy” Shepherd’s or Cottage Pie

There’s nothing local about either of these fruits — I think the pears are from Peru and nobody grows bananas in this hemisphere, but I have recently visited the Chicago Institute of Art and I was in the mood for … Continue reading

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