Secret Cooking Tips Files: Hash It

pastrami hashClearly, with the newly cool weather, I am feeling very “spudly,” but hash isn’t just for potatoes. I consider the re-frying of leftover turkey and stuffing to be a kind of hash — at least it seems that way to me.

Tonight’s dinner: Pastrami hash with sweet. (See last entry!)

I am putting this under “family recipes” because my Dad was the King of Hash. He liked potatoes in everything and his default mode of cooking was to fry the crap out of things. I have modified his technique because I find the food gets crunchy and caramelizes better if you fry at a medium heat instead, turning the hash with a no-stick spatula as each section gets darker.

Hash has been around since the 1890s, according to this awesome blogpost, “An Incomplete History of Hash Browns,” on an interesting site called The Old Foodie. The blogger is also the author of a book called Pie: A Global History. My kind of book! Reaktion 9781861894250 Pie

So what’s the secret? Leftovers are more delicious fried up — preferably with a spare potato and some fresh or even frozen veg. Parboil (or lightly nuke) the potato beforehand unless you have more patience than I do. If you have no-stick frying pans you can even use very little oil and get a crunchy, toothsome result that isn’t greasy and nasty. And yes, I do fry frozen vegetables sometimes. I got that technique from a disaster of an ex and I daresay it’s about the only good thing to come from that fiasco of a relationship. Again — with the right pan, there isn’t much oil involved.

Didn’t I promise healthier cooking techniques as we get into the dreaded holiday fat season? Don’t hold me to that.

pastrami hash close up

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  1. Yum….I heart hash too!!

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