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Dairy-Free Junk Food Files: Golden Rolls

These crisp and airy yet densely buttery-tasting confections feign dairy effectively, yet contain none. Equally at home in a fruit salad or an ice cream sundae, their only downside is that they are maddeningly hard to find in the United … Continue reading

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Haman’s Ears: A Purim Pastry

Yes — I know that Hammantaschen — or Hamantash, hamentasch, homentash, homentasch, or even (h)umentash — cookies might be named after Haman’s pockets or his three-cornered hat (the explanation I was taught as a child), but I prefer to believe … Continue reading

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Baking Not Mourning: Lace Cookies

When people die, I bake. It helps, sort of.  In our tradition, you are supposed to bring food to people who are mourning. I think that’s part of almost everyone’s tradition, come to think of it. I’m not feeling a … Continue reading

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New Year’s Gluten-free Tarts

The title may be misleading. I am not giving up gluten for the New Year. I was just invited to a New Year’s Day party that was going to feature many gluten-free people, and I saw a recipe for fruit … Continue reading

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Dairy-Free Junk Food (More) Secret Files: Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin Cookies

My good friend Wichita Sims (and check out her new author blog) has pointed out that I am presently neither baking nor writing, post-foot surgery. I am being waited on hand and foot (because I can’t use one of my … Continue reading

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Flourless Fudge Brownie Cookies

I was reading the New York Times magazine and there was an article about an eccentric millionaire who is trying to live to 125 by eating peels of fruits and basically starving himself. His one indulgence? A flourless dark chocolate … Continue reading

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Construction Cookies: Snickerdoodles & Sprinkledoodles

First of all, what a dumb name! Snickerdoodle sounds like a part poodle dog who is too goofy to find his own tail. It’s a very peanut butter-y sounding name for a cookie too. How did plain old sugar cookies … Continue reading

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Who’s Afraid of A Vegan Cookie?

I am. I will be blunt, baking without eggs baffles and alarms me. I feel the need of the whole sticky, rising, burnishing, yummy thing eggs do to batter. But cookies are my wheelhouse — the first thing I ever … Continue reading

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