Chocolate: Where the Stories Come From


At the Wittamer Café for Afternoon Tea

My friend Howard’s first year at USC Film School, he took screenwriting 101 or whatever their “intro to” course is called. The professor’s first assignment was for the students to write a one page treatment (or summary) of a movie they would like to write. A girl raised her hand. “Where are the stories supposed to come from?” she asked. Um…Well, we snickered endlessly at that girl and her naive question — but really, where the hell are the stories going to come from? That is the question that keeps writers up at night and drives us to drink and drugs.

whole-nut-180gm_product_lar_product_large-1My drug of choice? Chocolate. I can’t write without it — or not well anyway. If you want to read more about my dependency on chocolate, check out my entry entitled “How Cadbury’s Whole Nut Saved My Life” (hyperbole much?).

The best chocolate I have tasted recently is from Belgium, home of arguably the best chocolate-makers in the world. Go ahead, argue with me about it. Blogging iWittamerchocoss a contact sport! But don’t write anything until you have tasted chocolates from Wittamer, the best chocolate I have ever put in my face. Fancy, expensive chocolates can sometimes tasty snooty, but Wittamer says “chocolates must first and foremost please” and that is what they do. The flavors are rich, decadent and accessible. None of this cardamom, lavender, cayenne crap. No being bitter because life is suffering. (Don’t get me started on Scharffen Berger.) Wittamer  just provides unadulterated deliciousness.

The query I wrote yesterday worked. Now I have to finish tweaking the novel — the editor wants to see the whole thing. Get me chocolate.Carr___Wittamer_n___1 Stat!

P.S., Trader Joe’s claims their house chocolate is from Belgium. I don’t believe it.

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2 Responses to Chocolate: Where the Stories Come From

  1. Mmmmmm. Must go to Belgium! Good luck with the writing!

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