I have written about banania and Bisquick banana pancakes so I felt almost obligated to write about bananica when it came my way.

My wonderful upstairs neighbor brought me a bananica from the former Yugoslavia, among other fantastic treats (my second favorite, a lightly anise-flavored cream toffee called Bronhi toffee — here’s a blog about making it into a complicated dessert cake). Bronhi toffee is supposed to be vaguely medicinal and contains lots of herbs but I’m here to tell you, it’s mostly tasty. You don’t need a cold to eat it.

Bananica is almost impossible to explain — sort of like if a circus peanut had sex with a banana and then somebody dipped the result in bittersweet dark chocolate. Junk food yes, but who knows if it’s dairy-free or not, since the recipe is a trade secret. The corporate website says: “Behind the ‘bananica’ brand lays a long tradition. It is a ‘brand of love’ designated for youngsters, though adults also love it.” This from a company that also sells Argeta meat spreads, “…made only from quality parts of meat (or fish).”

Although they also make a nice chocolate of which I had several samples too — Najlepše želje (The most beautiful wishes).

Bananica takes the cake though. It’s insanely delicious even though it looks a bit like a slug. I only saw a whole box of them for $9.99 on Amazon but I do wish it were available locally. Bananica is a tiny miracle in your mouth.



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2 Responses to Bananica!

  1. Nada says:

    The graphics on the wrapper alone make me want to devour a Bananica

  2. My God it was so indescribably delicious. I only had the one teeny, tiny one or I would have shared! Maybe…Maybe not! 🙂

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