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Secret Cooking Tips Files: Salad Dressing Secrets

I once blogged that store-bought croutons are for suckers. I don’t feel exactly the same way about salad dressing, but pretty close. At least, I always find myself making dressing instead of buying it because depending on what is going … Continue reading

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Yes, I Said Schnittnuldeln

Don’t make me say it again.I didn’t know what they were when I bought them but I was taken with the picture of the pointing hen on the package. They came from Jon’s Market in LA. Not to be confused … Continue reading

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Tomato Story: Purple Carrot Barley Soup

I swear that I read somewhere (the New York Times? It’s the only thing I read besides the New Yorker and TV Guide) that carrots used to be purple when they were first discovered and that orange was the novelty … Continue reading

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Summer Stone Fruit Salad

OK, so fruit salad isn’t baking and it seems almost absurd to be writing up a recipe, but honestly, there must be someone out there who wonders why when they just cut up fruit in a bowl it doesn’t taste … Continue reading

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