Noodle Fritters

This is almost too easy to write about but I actually found myself looking up a recipe because I wasn’t sure if I had imagined that they existed. Noodle fritters are like matzoh brie — but with noodles instead of matzoh.

Great idea for leftover egg noodles, if you are an egg fan. Super simple.

Perfect with lactose-free organic Green Valley plain yogurt.

Noodle Fritters


2 cups leftover noodles (egg noodles are especially good with this)
1 tablespoon safe milk — lactose-free or other
2 large eggs
Sea salt and pepper
Earth Balance

Melt enough Earth Balance in a large skillet to cover the bottom. Mix your leftover noodles with the other ingredients until well blended in a bowl.

A breakfast worth getting out of the dryer for

Once the Earth Balance is good and hot, drop spoonfuls of the noodle mixture to form pancakes. Flip when the egg is firm. Cook a few more minutes to ensure brownness on both sides.

Eat with plain yogurt or lactose-free sour cream.


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  1. Sel de Mer says:

    Love your recipes.

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