Pumpkin Walnut Cranberry Muffins and Quick Bread

It’s not even Christmas (or Hannukah in my case) and I’m already burned out on sugary foods. Or my body is,  to be more accurate. I had leftover cranberry sauce and a can of pumpkin puree that I didn’t want to go to waste and I can always choke down a muffin. I decided to return to my old faithful Bisquick, which adds sugar up front, and cut the sugar to my recipe, to see if the sweetness of the cranberry sauce and the natural sweetness of the pumpkin would be enough. It was. This muffin (and quick bread — I made two mini loaves too) was absolutely wonderful, reminiscent of pumpkin pie and enhanced by the crunch of walnuts. I don’t dare actually say, “low fat, low sugar” but they felt good going down and tasted fresh — loaded with fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Try them if you have cranberry sauce around and see what you think.

Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins or Quick Bread


1 cup cranberry sauce (must be sweetened since the recipe is low sugar)
1.5 cups (a 15 oz. can) pumpkin puree
2 cups Bisquick (I used lowfat in the white box)
2 eggs, beaten
5 ounces of a neutral oil like canola
1 cup walnuts
1 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice (I like mine spicy, adjust accordingly)
1/3 cup of sugar (see!!!???)

Preheat oven to 350.

I used a non stick muffin pan and sprayed Pam (!!!) in the tiny muffin tins because they always give me grief if I just grease and flour them. It works people. You know I always say, “Better cooking through chemistry.” So prepare your pans accordingly. This recipe would make two normal-sized loaf (pound cake pan), or about 16 smallish muffins.

Mix wet ingredients (except cranberry sauce) in a big bowl with a wire whisk till well blended. Sift dry ingredients in a separate bowl, adding the walnuts to the measuring cup that held the flour at the last minute.

Blend wet and dry (except walnuts — hold those for last) with as few decisive strokes as possible. Add walnuts and stir briefly. Put mixture in muffin pans or loaf pans, swirling about a teaspoon of cranberry sauce into each muffin with a knife or a half a cup into each of your loaf pans.

Bake muffins 20 – 25 minutes until a toothpick to the center comes clean. Normal-sized loaf pans will take more like 30 – 40 minutes, depending how big they are.


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3 Responses to Pumpkin Walnut Cranberry Muffins and Quick Bread

  1. ruth says:

    love the idea of mixing cranberry and pumpkin. They’re so pretty, too!

    • i was worried it would taste too healthy since I cut the sugar like that but I actually enjoyed the fact you could really taste the pumpkin! They were very pretty. So pretty that someone was actually afraid the quick breads were fruitcake — which everyone but me apparently hates.

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