Query Letters and Toasted Cheese

souptoastedcheezAre you detecting a theme here? If I’m writing (or shilling my writing, in this case), I’m not cooking much. Tonight it was Progressive Manhattan Clam Chowder and what the British call “toasted cheese.” I remembered from my post on Worcester sauce that you need it to make proper toasted cheese, but I’m not sure how that would work. Perhaps they were really thinking of rarebit? That’s a related dish in that it’s a cheese sauce poured over toast. soup_traditional_manhattanclam-1I can imagine that it would be enhanced by Worcester sauce. I like to make rarebit with sherry even.

But this is merely toast with cheese melted on top (or in my case Veggie vegan slices). Easier and less greasy than grilling, but there is a technique here, people. You have to toast the bread lightly BEFORE you melt the cheese over it to get the right effect. Otherwise, the bread won’t be crunchy because you have to use a tray or baking sheet when you melt the cheese, unless you are fonder of cleaning your oven than I am.

Toast the bread first, before applying cheese

Toast the bread first, before applying cheese

The queries are for my middle grade novel. I’m lucky enough to have a mentor who has recommended some editors for me to query directly. I had an agent for a previous young adult novel but she died. Not at my hand! I swear. I’m better at querying usually than I am at delivering the goods, but annoyingly, if the thing I am flogging is already written by me, then I have a hard time writing about it. It’s so much easier to write pithy prose pushing other peoples’…anything. In good news, querying keeps me from having to work on my script. Actual cooking coming soon — if not actual writing.


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I'm a writer who is always baking! Or a baker who is always writing...No. Other way around.
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7 Responses to Query Letters and Toasted Cheese

  1. N.G. Davis says:

    Is querying on a novel anything like querying on a script?

  2. Teeny Bikini says:

    I could eat that right now! Yum!

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