When Only Bread Baked by a Cranky Frenchman Will Do

Savor: S.F. Sourdough breads; Nov'12; sillosWe are spoiled rotten when it comes to bread around here. I can afford to refuse to eat anyone’s baguette but the Cheeseboard’s (all crust!), insist on Acme’s whole wheat loaf for sandwiches (s0 sweet, so dense), and prefer Semifreddi’s Challah to any other.

Some members of my family have a thing about La Farine’s morning buns even though there are several stiff competitors for Best Morning Bun.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that I forgot all about La Bedaine when it came to buying bread, even though the owner/baker had been nice enough to conduct a puff pastry class I attended. (Read about it here.)

Acme Whole Wheat loaf

Acme Whole Wheat loaf

I shouldn’t have. It turns out that this tiny bakery provides something you can’t get at any of those other places — loaves baked by an actual Frenchman who understands the Gallic way of shopkeeping (smiling at strangers means you are simple to the French — vive the cultural difference). And La Bedaine’s bread tastes like I remember bread tasting in France, with a variety of textures and flavors, redolent of the oven, even days later.

photo credit Rita C./Yelp

photo credit Rita C./Yelp


Many people patronize La Bedaine exclusively for their sandwiches or their elegant sous-vide entrées that can be reheated in moments in your home or the pastries (bien sur) but I’m hooked on their pain au levain — an entirely different experience than anyone else’s.

I’m also pretty excited about the La Bedaine baguette, even though unlike the Cheeseboard’s crust-only confection, this bread has an inside as well.

All that is left...

All that is left…

New Year, new tastes, right?

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2 Responses to When Only Bread Baked by a Cranky Frenchman Will Do

  1. Rörschåch says:

    I smile at strangers all the time. Ah, I must be very “simple” then. 😉

    • I think you are just young. I believe that American television may have ruined French culture to the point where the younger folk actually do smile at strangers for no reason!

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