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Bisquick Quick Apple Tart

Here’s a crazy easy recipe that gets rid of my old apples and my overripe Meyer lemons at the same time. Plus, I was curious about making crust with Bisquick, now that I’m on a pie kick. I adapted Ina … Continue reading

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Bisquick Banana Pancakes: Complicated Breakfasts Continued

It’s Sunday and I had two old bananas lying around. That’s almost tantamount to being legally obligated to make banana pancakes. I couldn’t remember ever making pancakes with the fruit IN before (see the Beauty of Bisquick Part 2 for … Continue reading

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Cherry Cobbler in a Muffin

Spring cherry blossoms make me think of cherry cobbler, but I promised Wichita Sims’ husband muffins this week. I adapted a recipe I found online from Molly Katzen, the lady behind the Moosewood and Enchanted Broccoli Forest cookbooks, but I … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Need Blueberry Muffins

Just plain old blueberry muffins were the order of the day. Nothing fancy or weird or cunning about them. I was craving the true-blue blueberry muffin of my childhood, the square kind that came in the corner of the TV … Continue reading

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Stone Fruit Scones

My Dad always used to call them “stone fruits” which didn’t make sense to me when I was small. Of course it refers to the fact that they have pits that take up a large proportion of the center of … Continue reading

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