Bisquick Banana Pancakes: Complicated Breakfasts Continued

It’s Sunday and I had two old bananas lying around. That’s almost tantamount to being legally obligated to make banana pancakes. I couldn’t remember ever making pancakes with the fruit IN before (see the Beauty of Bisquick Part 2 for a fruit ON pancake recipe), so I went to the Web.

I was horrified to discover a recipe that called for beating a pancake batter to get the lumps out. I know it’s gross to have lumps of banana assault you, but never do this. You will create a tough pancake! One good reason to use Bisquick for your pancakes (besides laziness) is that you are almost guaranteed a fluffy, yet crunchy confection. All bets are off if you beat it.

I decided you could get around this by beating the wet ingredients a bunch (by hand) before you added the dry ingredients. With very little effort and time, I was able to create a banana pancake that fulfilled my wildest dreams — without lumps. Caution: This recipe is very sweet. You can eat it with just Earth Balance, or a nice lactose-free sour cream to balance the sweet, but syrup would be too much.

Did I mention I discovered the world’s best (and only, as far as I know), lactose-free, organic, cultured sour cream?

And by I, I mean my Mom found it at Andronico’s. It’s pretty high in fat but the taste is worth it if you use it as a garnish, and it’s better for you than my other fav — Tofutti sour supreme.

Lactose-Free Banana Pancakes with Bisquick


1 cup Bisquick (I used Heart Smart in the white box)
2 very ripe bananas, mashed
2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup almond milk (I used unsweetened vanilla but any kind would work — even soy milk)
About 6 tablespoons of Earth Balance to fry in

Mash your bananas with the cinnamon, sugar, and almond milk. Make sure they are smooth or you will have lumpy pancakes. Add the eggs and blend them in.

Melt Earth Balance in a non-stick skillet.

Add the cup of Bisquick to your wet ingredients and fold together, incorporating well, without over mixing.  It may look lumpy but will be fine when it cooks.

It should look like this:

Once your Earth Balance is hot, pour out your pancakes. Wait for bubbles to appear all over before flipping them. This recipe makes about 4 or 5 large pancakes.

I garnished with lactose-free sour cream and more cinnamon, and decorated with  fresh mint from my garden (see photo at top), mostly  because I was excited that the mint had grown so well when I have almost no sun. (I’m drying it now to make fresh mint tea.)

This is a pancake that would be absolutely delicious all by itself though. It’s all in there — salty, sweet, crunchy and fluffy — in one mouthful. I bet they are even better tomorrow and I have leftover batter in the fridge to help me find out.


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14 Responses to Bisquick Banana Pancakes: Complicated Breakfasts Continued

  1. brandy edgerly says:

    i am excited to make these for my 16 month old but she only eats one pancake a day.. how long will the batter keep in the fridge?

    • I am ashamed to admit that I love these pancakes so much that I have never kept the batter for more than 2 days but I bet you could freeze it for later use and it would probably keep for at least a week in the fridge if the fridge is cold. The batter gets better the longer it waits, in my experience. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Pancakes are eminently freezable – just be sure you wrap them well. It’s also good to place a small piece of wax paper in between them for easy separation if your daughter only eats one. OK, now that I have butted in here let me say I love the recipes and the photos. Yum!!

  3. Ryan Chollet says:

    Best banana pancakes I have ever made! thanks for the recipe!

    • You are very welcome! Bisquick is rather miraculous and I haven’t really tasted a huge drop off in deliciousness since I’ve been using the white box with the low fat or whatever it is…

  4. deanna12 says:

    I just found this recipe online this weekend and made it. I LOVED it! I even froze the leftover cooked pancakes in the freezer and even thawed they still taste amazing. Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  5. Thank you for coming by the blog! I’m so glad you liked the pancakes. 🙂

  6. Eva Maze says:

    Love the recipe. The only thing I’ve added was almonds peanuts & pet milk. Makes the pancakes thicker. Than proceed with the recipe.

    • PET milk? That’s longlife milk, right? I wish I could use that! I think I love that stuff but I’m lactose-intolerant, plus it’s hard to find in the US. I like your additions! Sounds delish!!!!

  7. Teeny Bikini says:

    Great advice about not beating the batter to death. I would have never known that one! 😉

    • It’s a pet peeve of mine when recipes don’t include important information that really experienced cooks already know. Not overworking pancake batter is an example of that. You almost never see a warning about that. Even my mother always leaves out super important stuff when she shares recipes.

  8. Heather B. says:

    I stumbled across this recipe over the weekend. Forgot I had bananas and they all got super ripe. I have to admit these were AMAZING!!! They remind me of a banana bread. I had 3 for breakfast and found myself craving them as a desert. Ashamed I ate all of them in two days. I couldnt resist!!!

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