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Macaroni and Mimolette

OK, to be literal, it’s penne and mimolette, but there are parts of New Jersey where they call all pasta “macaroni” and red sauce “gravy.” Jersey Strong! I don’t eat much cheese since I don’t tolerate the lactose, and even … Continue reading

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Comfort Food = Tuna Noodle Casserole

There is a restaurant in the Hayes Valley in San Francisco that advertises “comfortable” food outside, and not on a chalk board but painted right on the restaurant! I like to think that my tuna noodle casserole fits that bill … Continue reading

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Lactose-Free Mac & Cheese

OK — that just sounds gross but I wanted to be precise. It’s not dairy-free or vegan because I use lactose-free milk. I was going to do “cold weather casseroles” a lot sooner but a small injury has slowed me … Continue reading

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