Dairy-FILLED Junk Food: Cheez Waffies

And now for the other extreme — the Cheez Waffie might not be the most cheese-filled snack food on the market, but it’s probably up there. These babies have a powdered substance inside the “waffies” that is made with ACTUAL cheese! I used to eat these in college, back East, where Wise is a powerhouse provider of junk foods (including the incomparable Cheez Doodle which I prefer to Cheetos). Those were the days of late night pizza at Sally’s Apizza (pronounced “Ah-beetz” and no link — Sally’s is not the sort of place to have a website, even now), a disgusting cheese and broccoli rice casserole in the dining hall, and Entenmann’s everything. The days before some jackass discovered lactose-intolerance and gave it to me. That’s right — I said it — lactose-intolerance is a disease, it’s catching, and I want my own parking space.

Lots of people have blogged about these delectable wee sandwiches. One blogger recommends serving Cheez Waffies with smoked oysters on them. That photo was too gross to share and before I read their blog, I thought it was a photo of Waffies carrying a payload of snails.

Another fun fact? Even though Wise calls them “Cheez,” both Waffies and Doodles are made with actual cheese, as are Sunshine’s Cheez-Its and Mars’ Combos, even though Combos taste so so fake. Oh Combos! I miss you.

Here are the ingredients of the Waffies. Every allergen known to man in there except maybe peanuts (although the fine print on the bag says they may be prepared on machinery that processes peanuts, so watch out):



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