Dairy-free Junk Food Secret Files: Puffcorn

OK — I never said I was a health food nut. Or a health food anything, for that matter! I’m all about the taste. Fresh fruit and veg just taste better. But one cannot live on locally foraged organic produce alone.

And sometimes, “Better living through chemistry” means better snacking too. Being a lactose-intolerant, I sometimes feel deprived of Cheetos. I know — nobody needs Cheetos as part of a balanced diet, but the food scientists at Frito Lay did come up with the perfect balance of cheesy-t0-crunchy and it’s sad not to be able to enjoy even an annual handful of their cheese-tastic crunchiness.

Chester the Cheetah must have heard my cries of anguish, because at the check out at Target, I discovered this amazing new COMPLETELY DAIRY-FREE snack — Puffcorn with butter flavor. The butter flavor is to butter as cheddar is to Cheetos — bold, flavorful, and deeply artificial — but it’s got that crack cocaine-like salty satisfaction factor down.

Yes — it also tastes a little bit like those eco-friendly packing peanuts that are made from corn — but GOOD as the old joke goes. They are also gluten-free and trans fat-free but made with peanut oil, sadly for people who are allergic to everything

"You're Welcome!"

I haven’t enjoyed a snack food so much in years. I fear I may be seriously addicted to Puffcorn already and it doesn’t come in small bags.

Now if they could just make a dairy-free Cheez Waffie! And then make it available on the West Coast. I haven’t seen Cheez Waffies in years — even on the East Coast — but then I haven’t been in a WaWa’s either in probably at least a decade or I would have known that their hot breakfast sandwich is called the “Sizzli.” Good lord.


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15 Responses to Dairy-free Junk Food Secret Files: Puffcorn

  1. Wichita Sims says:

    I scoffed when you first told me about puffcorn. No scoffing any more after eating them. YUMMY!

  2. im addicted…. 😦

  3. Julie says:

    It’s too salty but I can’t seem to stop eating! Loved your discription of the salty-chemical taste. Unfortunately after finishing the bag in one sitting, I will have to avoid this snack. It feels as though the taste isn’t gonna sit well with my kidneys….

  4. Steven L. Schneider says:

    Can’t find it in the north suburban Chicago area! Help!

    • Dear Steven,
      You astonish me. Suburban Chicago has always been ground zero for all kinds of junk food. Usually, you can get stuff there you can’t get anywhere else. Have you tried places like gas station convenience stores and drug store snack aisles? And liquor stores? This is not a product they will carry at your upscale grocery stores!

  5. tbyrd101@aol.com says:

    From what I understand, they no longer make this product. Only the cheese puff corn.

    • I see them on their website but I will call FritoLay next week and ask. It would be shame if they stopped making the cheese-free kind! They are hard to find as it is. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Jackie says:

        I live in central Illinois and recently became addicted to these after buying them from a small, local grocery store. I also see the small bags in gas stations around here. I haven’t checked out the chain grocery store yet.

      • You, my friend, are in junk food NIRVANA! I recently spent an hour in a Jewel Osco in IL, just enjoying the selection of chips, cookies, sodas, and cereal — the likes of which we will never see in California. I bet Walmart carries big bags of Puffcorn there — and/or Target. They used to have it at Target here but of course it disappeared to make room for more gluten-free cookies!

  6. Sandy says:

    I can’t find PuffCorb anywhere…and I LOVE IT. help! I live on the north coast of CA…2 hours to the nearest big city…>Santa Rosa. HELP

  7. Sandy says:

    OOPS sorry for the typo….I meant…PUFF CORN. Where to buy this wonderful product?

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