Baked Apples Are a Win/Win

Wichita Sims is coming over for writing “class” on Wednesday so I baked some apples. We call it “class” even though it’s just the two of us. We are trying to make a fuss about it, to encourage ourselves to actually write as we are the two most unmotivated writers you will ever meet. We met in an actual “class” that had lots of rules and a strict person in charge, but that’s a story for another day.

I was excited to bake some apples because:

1) I am cheap and I hate to throw away old food, as you will all remember from my multiple posts about baking with used bananas.

2) Baked apples are delicious and my Mom brought me some giant walnuts and equally giant amazing raisins from Vacaville that taste like candy and I was excited to try them both in the recipe.

Plus, she also recently bought me a brand new apple corer called a “Grip Ez” jumbo apple corer. The link I have attached is from Google. Someone is selling this device for $5. If that’s the real price, jump on it. It’s an amazing tool.

It removed the inside of each apple completely effortlessly and didn’t dig down too far (a real problem because if you pierce the bottom, all of the yummy stuff you put inside the apple will leak out). Yes I still had to use my paring knife to remove every last seed from the inside of the apples, but that’s not that big of deal once the core is neatly removed by technology!

This is possibly the easiest dessert in the world to make and it has the bonus of making your house smell great. Plus, it’s almost totally fat free and high in fiber and vitamins. And did I mention that instead of throwing away mushy apples and feeling like a self-indulgent, Capitalist pig you get to make something from scratch that most everyone loves anyway? Serve with chilled clotted cream if you are in England. Or vanilla ice cream if you are in the States (I am). But WAY better with cold English cream. Way.

Baked Apples


4 old apples (or new — up to you! I just use whatever fruit is no longer crisp in my crisper)
2 overripe oranges (see above!)
1 Meyer lemon
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of walnuts
1/2 cup of raisins
4 tablespoons butter or Earth Balance
3 teaspoons of cinnamon

Preheat your oven to 350.

Wash and core the apples, being careful to remove all of the seeds inside. They can be tricky! Remember to check around carefully in there. Also take care to leave the base of the apple intact, lest you lose your stuffing.

Arrange the apples upright in an oven-safe bowl or casserole. Combine sugar, nuts, raisins and cinnamon. Stuff the mixture into each of the apples,  Cut up the shortening and put it on top. Dump the rest of the stuffing that doesn’t fit in the apples in the bowl.

It looks like this before the liquid

Squeeze the oranges and lemons over the apples — being careful to squeeze over a strainer, lest you get pips. The apples should be about half way under the liquid. If your oranges aren’t juicy enough, add some other type of juice or some white wine you have lying around. The idea is to ensure the fruit doesn’t dry out while baking.

Bake apples for about 30 – 40 minutes until they are your desired tenderness (poke with fork). Serve with cold clotted cream and spoonfuls of the liquid from the baking dish.


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I'm a writer who is always baking! Or a baker who is always writing...No. Other way around.
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2 Responses to Baked Apples Are a Win/Win

  1. Wichita Sims says:

    Delicious, and not just saying that because they look that way. Ate one. SO GOOD!

  2. Glad you liked it. Hard to believe they are good for you, right?

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