Truth in Advertising

TimTams really ARE the most irrestistable chocolate biscuit ever, as it states plainly on the wrapper. I got a box for Christmas from a friend who just returned from Australia and I have to say, they are worth the trip! Anyone’s trip, that is.

The chocolate is the high quality one expects from British and Commonwealth-produced enrobed cookies. They have higher standards in places like that, as even my younger nephew can explain, their chocolate has to contain a certain amount of actual chocolate —  and have a shockingly low content of carnuba wax and insect parts to boot (not that I’m dissing American chocolate — clearly I enjoy the taste of insect parts).

The caramel in this “biscuit” as they so quaintly call their sweet and savory baked snacks, tastes slightly burnt, but in an upscale, creme brulé-ish sort of way.

The biscuit itself is crisp and understated, the better to accentuate the far more important chocolate and caramel.

Arnott’s TimTams — a chocolate biscuit that lives up to its wrapper copy.

Next time: Cold weather casseroles that comfort deliciously, without  lactose!


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