La Petite Rive apres Noel

How lovely is this? Mendocino Coast in the mist. I’m not going to get in the habit of photographing food that I haven’t prepared myself, but I had to make an exception for our Boxing Day dinner at La Petite Rive at the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek in Little River, just south of Mendocino Village.

Fig stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon and honey

One of my nephews photographed his amuse-bouche (I’ve gotten the whole family in the act, apparently).

This fantastic little place serves five courses including a “taste,” (see above) amazing soup, salad (see below), and your choice of wonderful entree with fresh, local veg. I always have the steak! And it’s always DELICIOUS.

I believe the other nephew shot the salad. He’s usually a “leave the dressing off” kind of guy, but this dressing is so light and refreshing, even he liked it

Another great reason to visit the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek?

These lovely ladies. They are as sweet as they look. If you are really favored, they will let you scratch their backs. Their LOWER backs, if you know what I mean. They rock.

Heidi & Monique -- in that order

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