I usually bake reams of cookies to give away to friends by this time of year, but with Channukah so unnaturally early (too close to Thanksgiving, ugh!) I wasn’t in the mood.

T-Rex X-mas Tree of Light

I am still contemplating an exciting looking lace cookie my mother found a recipe for. Lace cookies are like the chewy half of the Florentine cookie but they are super easy to make — look gorgeous — and are in fact not at all like the Florentine’s chewy half since they are basically oats and brown sugar. Nobody is going to turn down a tin of buttery-tasting cookies that look like lace just because it’s a few days after the Birth of their Lord!

But I digress.

When my nephews visit from the suburban Midwest, a culinary desert, they are always dying to eat out. One of their (and our) favorite places is T. Rex. This is comfort food extraordinaire from the people who brought us the far more elegant Lalime’s, Fonda and Sea Salt — among other places.

We have a lot of restaurants around here but we are sorely lacking in stripped down places where you can just get some comfort food and relax. My mother talks about missing the Hot Shoppes and I remember loving the American Cafes in and around D.C. Even Friendly’s or something like the ubiquitous New York diner would be an awesome, but unlikely, development. There are a few diner style places but they are so busy trying to be hip — or something — that they defeat the purpose entirely.

The true diner will never happen in the birthplace of Nouvelle Cuisine, but T. Rex, while hardly as plebian as any of the places I mention above, definitely has a place in our hearts. We used it as our own personal mess hall the first few weeks after my Dad died and are pleasantly surprised to discover how much my nephews like it too.

Mysteriously Succulent "Other Burger"

T. Rex Mystery: Why is the Other Burger so much more delicious than the regular burger? While both are very, very good, the Other Burger has some indefinable quality that makes it taste better. I just wish I knew why…

Happy Wintermission from the people who brought you Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day.

Back to baking and recipes next time!


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