Hungarian Chocolate Torte Strikes Again

A reader just baked the torte for a dinner party and was thrilled to report, that in spite of not having baked in 10 years, her torte was the hit of the evening!

Here it is:

I like the whole walnuts as a decorative touch. Because she is gluten-free, I am inspired to try to do a version of my brownies with nut flour and see how they taste with a few adjustments…

Nephews arrive today from snowy Chicago and I will enlist their help.

Also stand by for “real” chess pies from the traditional family recipe from Wichita Sims.

About bakingnotwriting

I'm a writer who is always baking! Or a baker who is always writing...No. Other way around.
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1 Response to Hungarian Chocolate Torte Strikes Again

  1. driver says:

    A beautiful torte with the walnuts too! It looks like a totally different dessert with the walnuts.

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